We are a multidisciplinary production studio. A true family business, founded in 2001 and based in Amsterdam.

We believe in design-driven (online) storytelling and specialize in animation, CGI, visual identity, film and editing. From concept to delivery. Our studio also provides space for in-house (photo) shoots.

With a pixel perfect eye for detail, every frame, every still contributes to a unique visual experience.
Dazzling content where motion, color, texture and composition come together.
That’s what we create. Every day for more than two decades.

We work for creative agencies, corporate companies and everyone who is up for a visual masterpiece. Various clients like T-Mobile, Mystic, Vodafone and Adidas have found their way to us for years.

Dazzling your eyes! That’s what we do.

We are one big family. Literally and figuratively. Informal, reliable, short lines and decisive. That’s what Firma Buurman is about and why clients choose for us.

In addition to our permanent and dedicated team, we also regularly use a trusted group of creatives. Working together, modeling, visualising, feeling, learning and perfecting. That’s what we do and what makes us happy.

Curious? Our showreel does not lie. Watch it here.